The food is so great!

I have been feeding my two cats Penauts (3) and Bounty (3) Anifit food for some time now.

It's not just me, my two furry friends are also delighted and devour their food with relish.
They love the power potty variety.
Thanks to Nina Kniely we are/got great advice and she is always there for us with great tips, thank you very much.

My pelt-noses have been doing very well with their food since then, the flatulence no longer plays a role, they are more active when playing and their reddened gums and bad breath are no longer there. We are very, very happy to have taken this step.

Thanks to the great conversation with Nina Kniely, my counsellor, I learnt what my cats really need. I am very, very grateful for this knowledge.

My two cats also love the treats (spikey fish, chicken hearts, redfish), which are a must in every order.

Thank you very much for everything!

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